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Sunpath Solar is the trusted-guide for homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits seeking the bright benefits of solar power, today. 

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Our solar experts are driven to grow the social-good of solar power. Sunpath Solar is here to help each homeowner, nonprofit, and business find the solar energy solutions best-tailored to meet their specific needs.

Homeowners can save with the power of the sun! Sunpath Solar provides top-quality residential solar installations from NABCEP-certified professions that are tailored to help meet your home’s unique energy needs.

Solar Energy For Nonprofits

Power your good by Going Solar. Our solar installations for Churches, Charities, Schools, and Government’s help reduce operating costs so you can spend more on your mission. Our experts help meet the unique challenges nonprofits have installing solar by connecting you with all the available grants and incentives.

Give your business a competitive edge with Sunpath’s advanced solar energy solutions to enhance your branding and reduce long-term operating costs today. In a world of rising electricity rates, now is the time for your business to lock in historically low solar energy rates.

Solar Energy Training

Whether updating your skills or navigating the intricacies of financial analysis and procurement, Sunpath Solar has got you covered. Harness our technical training for hands-on expertise and let our consulting services simplify your solar endeavors, all backed by years of industry experience.

About Sunpath Solar

Who We Are

Based in Georgia, Sunpath Solar is your trusted adviser for custom-designed solar energy solutions. Founded by Seth Gunning, a two-decade veteran of the clean energy sector, our team consists of NABCEP-Certified experts committed to delivering exceptional solar solutions tailored to individual needs.

Beyond installations, we champion the growth of solar power, building long-term partnerships to ensure even traditionally marginalized communities benefit from solar’s environmental and economic advantages.

At our core, we envision an inclusive clean energy economy, and our mission is to pave innovative paths for all to access the solar-powered future.

Saving Families Money Today For A Brighter Future Tomorrow

To qualify you must own your home, have a roof in good condition, and meet certain income requirements, with no minimum credit score required.

Annual Utility Bill Savings

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*Day 1 savings and savings amounts cannot be guaranteed and will vary based on several factors for each individual home including current utility usage, roof angle and orientation; and the homeowner’s utility provider and utility rate schedule (i.e., residential, pre-pay, time-of-use, etc). These factors will be taken into consideration to provide you an individualized estimate of your potential power bill savings.

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Brighten Your Path To A Brighter Future With Sunpath Solar

Whether you have general questions, need expert advice, or are ready to begin your solar journey, our team is here to assist. Reach out to us, and let’s harness the sun’s power together.