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Technical Assistance and Training

Sunpath Solar is dedicated to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools to harness solar energy effectively.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to cater to the unique energy and financial needs of businesses, ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable solar solutions.

Solar Energy Training

Solar Installation Support

Beyond Installation: A Complete Solar Experience

Our commitment extends beyond installing solar panels. We provide a complete suite of services, from initial consultation to post-installation support, ensuring your solar investment is perfectly aligned with your business objectives and energy requirements.

Technical Training Programs

Embark on a journey of hands-on learning with Sunpath Solar’s Technical Trainings for Installation Professionals, Technical Sales, and Non-Solar Energy Professionals.

Dive into the mechanics of selling, designing, installing, and supporting behind-the-meter and rooftop solar energy systems, covering safety practices, installation best practices, and providing practical experience with all system components.

Our programs serve a dual purpose: to create employment pathways into the solar energy economy and assist our utility and solar-contracting partners in expanding their solar-ready workforces.

Technical Assistance and Consulting Services

In addition to our training programs, Sunpath Solar offers technical assistance and consulting services to corporate and institutional clients. Benefit from our top-of-the-line subject matter expertise, technical analysis, and program management, streamlining solar procurement programs.

Whether assessing solar deployment for a single project or managing a portfolio of opportunities, our consultancy services offer invaluable support. Collaborate with Sunpath Solar to receive procurement program support and technical assistance tailored to your specific needs.

NABCEP Board Certified - PV Installation Professional

Industry Credentials and Experience

Sunpath Solar proudly holds NABCEP certification and has been directly involved in the development of over 20MW of behind-the-meter solar projects.

Our hands-on and highly customizable training programs reflect our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients and their communities.

Procurement Program Management or Owner Representation

Navigate the complexities of solar procurement programs with confidence. Sunpath Solar provides expert Procurement Program Management, offering end-to-end support or acting as Owner Representatives.

Our seasoned professionals ensure that every phase of the procurement process is meticulously managed, from initial planning to project execution, safeguarding your interests and maximizing the efficiency of solar deployments.

Third-Party Financial Assessment/Analysis

Make informed financial decisions with the support of Sunpath Solar’s Third-Party Financial Assessment and Analysis. Our experts conduct comprehensive evaluations to provide you with a clear understanding of the financial implications of solar projects.

From cost-benefit analyses to return on investment projections, we empower our clients with the insights needed to make sound financial decisions aligned with their goals.

Solar Analysis

Third-Party Solar-Engineering Analysis

Sunpath Solar goes beyond standard assessments by offering specialized Third-Party Solar-Engineering Analysis. Our engineering experts conduct thorough evaluations of solar energy systems, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

From system design reviews to performance analysis, our objective is to optimize the engineering aspects of solar projects, contributing to long-term sustainability and performance.

Technical Assistance and Consulting Excellence

Empowering Solar Success with Sunpath Solar

In every facet of our Technical Assistance and Consulting Services, Sunpath Solar is dedicated to ensuring the success of your solar initiatives. By combining proven expertise, meticulous analysis, and strategic guidance, we empower our clients to achieve their goals in a rapidly evolving solar energy landscape.

Partner with Sunpath Solar for a future powered by sustainable and efficient solar solutions.

Solar Energy Solutions
Your Path to Sustainable Energy

Sunpath Solar is not just your solar provider; we’re your partner in the new clean energy marketplace. Our lease and SEPA options open the door to affordable, clean energy solutions that allow you to focus on your mission, reduce operational costs, and make a positive impact in your community.